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Imperial Resources, Inc. was incorporated in the Philippines on September  5, 1969 primarily to engage in the mining and oil exploration business with a capitalization of Php 25 million.  The shares of the Company were listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange in 1970.  During the 70’s it conducted onshore drilling in Cebu and participated in twelve (12) offshore oil drilling in the South Sulu and Reed Bank area conducted three (3) world-renowned oil companies.  All onshore and offshore drillings conducted did not result to discovery of gas and oil in viable commercial quantity.  This prompted the Company to abandon its oil exploration.

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The Company conducted geologic and geophysical (Electric Resistivity) surveys in 2009 on approximately two hundred (200) hectares and one thousand seven hundred (1,700) hectares, all located in Buton Island, southwest of Sulawesi Province in Indonesia the result of which was promising.

In August, 2010 the Company furnished a few samples of rocks gathered from the mining property to Toyo-Union Co. Ltd. (TUCL) and expressed an intention to have a business association with them, subject to some terms and conditions, including confidentiality and exclusivity rights reserved for the Company. This was firmed up through a Memorandum of Agreement signed on September 13, 2010. During 2011, the engineers and geologists of TUCL together with the engineers from Aspal Buton Nasional were able to go to the asphalt concession areas and collected about sixty (60) kilos of samples and TUCL were able to bring the samples to Tokyo. However, this project with TUCL did not prosper.

 During the second half of 2011, the two asphalt concessions were expiring. However, because of the significant geophysical electric resistivity survey arranged and conducted by Aspal Buton Nasional, and funded by the Company, approval for extension of the exploration concession for additional period of two (2) years was obtained. In 2013 the Company was able to secure another extension of the lease of its mining concession.

In 2011 the Company has spent US$220,000 for additional geologic works/studies needed for the preparation of the project feasibility report and environmental impact report required pending conversion of PT Aspal Buton Nasional Exploration permit to Development and Exploitation permit. In 2012, the Company spent US$120,000 for more geological works/studies. The Project Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Report written in Bahasa Indonesia upon completion were submitted to the Indonesian authorities for approval. The Company funded the translation of the Project Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Report from Bahasa Indonesia to English in 2012 and was completed in 2013. These English version reports will be used by the Company in looking for and negotiating with foreign investors for possible tie-up or capital funding considering that this project entails a huge capital outlay.

 In 2014 the Company spent US$50,000 for obtaining informal approval for exploitation concession of the 1,722 hectares located at Waangu-Angu area and US$ 52,000 for the preparation of the required technical report on post-production program to restore most of the mined-in areas to usable condition.

 In 2015 the Company remitted US$99,250 to Mr. Eddy Surohadi for the account of P.T. Aspal Buton and P.T. Indominas to cover the budget required for various technical and tax expenses on the CNC (Clean and Clear Certificate) IUP Production Program for the coverage area of 1,722 hectares located at Waangu-Angu area.

Presently, the Company is awaiting a progress report from the Indonesian partners and additional budget needed regarding its application for formal approval for the exploitation concession of the above stated area.


On March 16, 2017, in the special meeting of the Board of Directors, it was resolved that while the Company is proceeding with caution and at the same time re-evaluating its Indonesian mining project owing to the precipitous fall in the world price of crude, the Company is at present inclined to pursue the said project especially so that the Indonesian partners have been continuously looking for foreign partners to invest capital needed after they have secured formal approval of the exploitation concession because of its viability. Furthermore, an in depth study and evaluation, shall be made on silica mineral mining venture as priorly been proposed and discussed. Towards this end, the Laperal family and LTC Real Estate Corporation committed to support and fund the said projects.


On January 17, 2010, the Company signed a Memorandum of Agreement with PT. Indominas, an Indonesian Company duly organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, with principal office address at JL. Klampis Anom II/29, Surabaya, Indonesia (referred to as Claimowners). After January 17, 2010, the Claimowners expect to be granted Mining Rights by the government state corporation Perusahaan Daerah (Perusda) Pd. Utama Sultra of South East Sulawesi of the Republic of Indonesia, covering an approximate 4,779 hectares mining exploration concession at South East Sulawesi Province, of the Republic of Indonesia. The Claim owners granted the Company the exclusive rights to do preliminary studies before choosing the area to be developed. If the results of the studies are favorable, the Company shall pay another US$170,000 upon approval of the conversion of the selected areas into exploration concession. Within thirty (30) days after the Claimowners shall have obtained and delivered all government approvals, permits, extensions and licenses, the Company at its sole expense shall start geological and geophysical surveys on the mining concessions for the purpose of  determining  the  potentials  for  commercial  operations, development and exploitation of the above-mentioned mining concessions. In 2010, preliminary studies on the said area have started. The preliminary geologic survey on the proposed subject area indicated possible deposits. Outside and a bit far from the subject area there are many gold panners. The Company is also evaluating the peace and order situation in the area. After evaluating several factors the Company will have a better total picture on the business prospects of the gold mining project.


 Our Company was invited to operate in Papua New Guinea. The prospects are interesting but we are cautious. The area is a semi-autonomous region controlled by former anti-government rebels. Companies from China have established presence in the area and are reportedly involved in basic infrastructure projects and in mining. We will look for a strategic partner before we commit to Papua New Guinea.