Company Policies

Whistle-Blowing Policy

The Company has no whistle-blower program in place as yet.

Conflict of Interest Policy

No any member of the Board of Directors or Officers hold any elective or appointive public position in any department, branch, agency or instrumentality of government. Should any member of the Board of Directors or Officers is elected or appointed to any government position such directors or officers have task to make necessary disclosures and/or to make the necessary leave of absence or resignation to either offices in conflict of his or her position.

Insider Trading Policy

All directors, officers and employees are made aware that the Company does not allow the unlawful use of confidential, material inside information by any of them like buying and selling stocks of the Company directly or indirectly through family members or other persons or entities based on information not generally available to the public or passing such kind of information to others who might use it for trading. 

Related Party Transaction Policy

Related Party relationships exist when one party has the ability to control, directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, the other party or exercise significant influence over the other party in making financial and operating decisions.  Such relationships also exist between and/or among entities, which are under common control with the reporting enterprise or between and/or among the reporting enterprises and their key management personnel, directors or their shareholders.

Transactions between related parties are accounted for at arm’s length prices or on terms similar to those offered to non-related entities in an economically comparable market.

Advances to/from related parties are stated at fair market value.

Policy and Data Relating to Welfare of Employees

The Company adheres to and provides the grant of social benefits and health services unto its staffs/personnel conformably with law.

The Company encourages its staffs/personnel to undergo academic training and seminar for professional development and technical competitiveness, at the Company’s expense, in order to be at pace with the dynamic and evolving global standards.  

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