Corporate Social Responsibility



  • To have a sustainable ecological balance, growth and development that overcomes the onslaught of global warming. A robust vegetation for a healthy living.



  • To make an economic investment that protects the environment and natural resources.
  • To avert forests loss and bring back biodiversity.
  • To preserve, conserve and develop forests reserves for clean air, potable water, oxygen, watersheds, increase breeding, minimize erosion, etc.
  • To utilize alternative source of energy to reduce burning of fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide.
  • To endeavor on education and awareness on climate change.



  • Maintain and mobilize seedling stations and plant nurseries.
  • Steward the growth and propagation of timber, fruit bearing trees, crops and vegetables, such as: mahogany, kamagong/mabolo, ipil, dao, gmelina, mango, mangosteen, lanzones, durian, pine tree, bamboo, napier grass, cassava, and other green vegetation.
  • Study, research and technology in the development and utilization of organic farming. 
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